Masonry Restoration and Repair

› Brick replacement and flashing

› Steel lintel replacement and flashing

› Terra cotta repair or replacement

› Stone repair or replacement

› Masonry veneer pinning

› Grinding and tuck pointing

› Coping repair or replacement

› Associated caulking and sealant replacement

Concrete Restoration and Reapair

› Concrete cutting and patching

› Slab removal and replacement

› Epoxy injection

› Form grout injection

› Associated caulking

› Associated waterproofing and sealers

Stone Cladding Installation

Stone & Concrete Paver Installation

Remedial Waterproofing

› Parking Deck and Pedestrian Deck Elastomeric Coatings

› Mechanical Room Floor Coatings

› Exterior Wall Elastomeric Coatings

› Water repellent at leaking

› Foam injection at leaking below grade cracks

› Below grade fluid-applied waterproofing

Caulking and Sealants

› Curtain wall sealant

› Masonry expansion joints

› Window perimeters

› Window glass-to-frame

› Parking deck joints

› Sidewalk joint