COATINGS & Remedial Waterproofing

Associated with restoration, protective coatings are normally applied to restored surfaces. Protective coatings range from clear sealers to durable urethane deck coatings. Vertical surfaces have clear sealers or latex-based elastomeric coatings applied. Horizontal surfaces are best suited for a high-build product, such as a urethane deck coating. Since horizontal surfaces requiring protection normally are exposed to sun, water, ice, foot and vehicular traffic, a more durable coating is best.

MAC Restoration Contracting, Inc. also offers a specialized injection system capable of shutting off water intrusion through cracks and fractures in concrete walls. The process is a pressure injected urethane foam grout. The grout reacts to water present in the crack and creates a closed-cell foam. This is a very effective repair and negates the need to excavate and repair from the exterior side.

MAC employees understand the reason for these services – an owner has a water infiltration problems. We provide the Owner with options and, after one is selected, we become problem solvers.

Below are MAC Restoration Contracting, Inc. coating & remedial waterproofing services:

› Parking Deck and Pedestrian Deck Elastomeric Coatings

› Mechanical Room Floor Coatings

› Exterior Wall Elastomeric Coatings

› Clear Sealers for Concrete and Masonry

› Urethane Grout Injection

› Fluid-Applied Below Grade Waterproofing

› Associated Caulking and Sealants


MAC Restoration Contracting, Inc. has recently completed a large granite paver installation. The installation was unique, incorporating a snow melt system into the setting bed. The installation had existing elevations to meet as well as slopes to maintain. Quite a challenging and successful project.

Pavers can also be precast concrete and come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. Specialized vacuum equipment is used for the heavier pavers. Pavers 100 lbs. or less can generally be hand set. Pavers can be set on a mortar setting bed or placed on pedestals. The pedestal installation allows air and water movement below.